Current business we need to discuss:

1. Loot
Silver and Platinum Necklace
Humidor with 6 Cigars
Mother of Pearl Snuff Box
+1 Leather Armor
+1 Rapier
Ruby Earrings
MW Handaxe
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (x2)
152 GP

What does everyone want? I’ve already claimed the +1 Chain Shirt and the 3 doses of Drow Poison, and Trudeg claimed a MW Battleaxe. Also, is there anyway that we can get our other gear appraised? I wouldn’t mind holding on to the humidor and cigars.

2. The Goblin in Iron
We need to work toward our grand opening. If we sell some of the loot, we can use that to finance the reopening. We’ll need to search below the building to find the smuggling passages, and we’ll want to explore those to see where they lead. We’ll need to hire back staff members: cooks, dealers, bouncers, etc. Probably some sort of manager to run the place if we go off adventuring. We’ll want to look into getting the arena up and running and take care of the boar. We’ll need to look over the books as well to see if the Goblin is in debt, and to who. Lots of things to work toward.

3. Saul, Clegg, and Crote/Croat/Kroght(sp?)
We’ll want to know why Saul attacked us out of the blue. We’ll also want to make contact with Clegg Zincher and Boss Crote and inform them that Saul is out of the picture, and we want to run a legitimate business, and that they should stay the fuck out of our way. There’s still the case of the missing Larur, and I’m convinced that Saul had him killed or something. Yet another thing we need to look for evidence of.

4. The Elf
Quava helped us out. Maybe we can help him out. We could use someone with a keen pair of eyes around the Goblin, and we can give him a place to stay while he looks into his renegade elves. Plus he got involved in our business for some fucking reason. Still confused about why he’s been keeping an eye on the Goblin. Anyways, probably a good idea to keep him close.

I’ll look into the rules for running a business in the Ultimate Campaign. I’ll post what I think is fair in the rules, but it would help if we had a map of the Goblin. The rules are based on the rooms in a building. Plus there are rules for “crews” to manage the Goblin.

Second Darkness

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