Second Darkness

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Arrival in riddleport

I arrived in riddleport today. The town is full of oppurtunities to spread the word of Gorum. Just this morning I saw the fellow from outside of Janderhoff, the one who was mollested by the sadistic unicorn. I managed to stay clear of him for the first few days. Then as luck would have it he is trying to get a job as a bouncer at the same bar I am. Gorum be kind. I did however get a chance to share the gospel with some thugs that came in and stole the prize from the bar. They got away sadly. There were a lot of other “interesting” characters there, a lot of nobodies, but a few stood out there were the guards that did well. The one that was abused by the unicorn looked promising but was blind for the majority of the fight. He does show some fire though and I do believe he is a follower of The Lord in iron. There was also a pale fragile looking man that got into the thick of things, and well besides getting the shit kicked out of him, showed quite a bit of promise, as long as he keeps distance between him and the thugs. Had to heal that one. Very rave though gorum smiled on him. There was a strange fellow that tagged along with him. It was hard to get a good read on him. It looked as though he was wrapped in a fog. Very strange, also a liar. I’ll have to keep an eye on him, although he may be useful in the future I haven’t had a good look at his potential yet. He may give The Lord in iron something to raise his glass too.
– Trudeg -

Setim's Encounter at the Temple of Zon-Kuthon

In summary:

Setim was promoted from dealer to kitchen manager. He talked to Samritha about the shadow blot, and convinced her to divulge any information she gathers. Upon realizing Setim’s many talents, Larur, the bald dwarf, had Setim and his group of lost souls track down and bring to justice one Beltias Creon, holed up in a “alleged” temple of Sarenrae.

Arriving at the building, it was obvious to Setim that this was no temple, but a den of corruption and evil, reinforced by the corrupted and evil mother fuckers that attempted to ambush the party as they searched for Creon. Setim saved the day, of course, with well placed blows, and Creon was brought to justice. Unfortunately, the party was unable to recover the stolen chips, as Creon probably secreted them up his asshole or something.

As the party was leaving, a “priest” of Sarenrae approached them. Claiming to be a “Father Patrick”, likely a facetious name, he interrogated the party about it’s business. Setim defused the situation, as he is wont to do. Setim and Bithel then deposited the fresh corpses in a newly acquired office space for whatever profane use Bithel seeks to use. The two returned to the temple to verify that it was, indeed, a temple of Zon-Kuthon, complete with vile scorpion traps, torture chambers, and secret correspondence in some sort of code that Setim couldn’t quite grasp. On the plus side, Setim now has some scorpions with which to extract the poison from for future use.

The next mission given to the party involved the Golden Goblin’s missing floor manager, Larur. When Trudy couldn’t be convinced to shave his head, the party set out to track Larur’s last movements. After visiting the scene of the crime, the group headed to Linus Sneed, owner of Rat Street Loans. Sneed himself is a dickweed. It’s pretty obvious that Larur was murdered on Sneed’s back stoop, and Sneed turned a blind eye to the violence. Setim then killed a baboon that tried to bite him, and made Sneed promise to behave himself, buying poor Saul Vancasterkin a bit of reprieve from the fucking Jew.

Obviously, the next move for the party will be the murder of Clegg Zincher, an act that Setim has been advocating for some time. It’s obvious to Setim that Clegg’s death weeks ago would have prevented all the issues we have now, and Larur was an shit licker for not properly utilizing Setim’s abilities when given the chance, a mistake he has paid for with his life, and 500 GP of Saul’s money.

The troubles of the Goblin

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Goblin which I am now a bouncer at. Sadly all the other guards that were at the Goblin have left. The man that was abused by the unicorn is also a bouncer. His name is kelton, and a follower of gorum. Though he still has a problem hitting his target, I feel that he gets too worked up over the unicorn and overcompensates. I’ll try working with him to get over his “problem”. The owner has had us do a bit of side work outside of our duties. A fellow stole from the casino and fled. We went to a temple of sarenrae. I don’t know how priests of the dawnflower are supposed to run a temple but I doubt it is this way. The man that stole the chips was living right under his nose!! He had the nerve to tell me he couldn’t manage to keep an eye on the people squaring upstairs. He’s either horribly inept or not a proper priest. Either way we found the man we were looking for, and his thugs. We killed his thugs. One which I gave the blessings of gorum too only to have to take it away when he didn’t show the proper respect to The Lord in iron. We didn’t find the chips only a key that had no visible lock. Setim and bithil took care of the bodies and searches the temple more thoroughly after me and kelton went back to the Goblin. I don’t know what they did with the bodies, and frankly don’t want to know. The next week the floor boss went missing, another dwarf, along with 500gp of payment to a loan shark. We started our investigation at his apartment. Which turned out nothing but squatters. We went to the loan shark next and found the dwarf’s cloak out back. The amount of blood on the thing could only mean he’s dead. The loan shark said he didn’t know anything, but that’s not the first time I’ve been lied too. We ended up breaking into his office only to find a baboon that had been turned into a glorified watch dog. Sadly it turns out the loan shark didn’t have any useful information and no body was found. I don’t know what our next lead is going to be.


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