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Setim was born on the Plane of Shadow, home of the fetchling race. His particular village was inside the domain of one of the many umbral dragons of the plane. When Setim was but a child of four years, his umbral dragon was attacked and driven away by another umbral dragon, and his village, rather than fall into the territory of this new dragon, was instead razed to the ground, with Setim being the sole survivor, mostly because he was small enough to be buried under his house, and parents, but not be crushed.

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That’s a picture of the fucking badass dragon that destroyed Setim’s village. He’s a badass.

Anyways, two days after the dragon ate all of the fetchlings in Setim’s village and looted the shit in their village, a small adventuring party arrived in the area. The party’s rogue, a man named Silvui, discovered the unconscious child under the corpses of Setim’s biological parents. The adventuring party, upon returning to the Material Plane, took Setim with them, and Setim was adopted by Silvui and his wife, Alinza. Below is a picture of Silvui.


Silvui then died because he’s a rogue and that’s all rogues are good for in Pathfinder. This happened when Setim was 6, leaving him to be raised by Alinza, who was herself, not that great a person. Alinza didn’t actually want kids, which is why she didn’t have any with Silvui, so Setim was largely left to his own devices, growing up in a nomadic Varisian caravan. Being different, all the other kids picked on Setim until he made friends with a larger, slightly older boy, named Sadiche. Sadiche was an athletic youth and had the respect of the elders within the caravan, and so all the other kids started leaving young Setim alone. Setim grew up relatively free from being bullied or picked on.

Unfortunately, Setim and Alinza were poor as shit. They went hungry a lot, and Setim started stealing food from others just to feed himself. He eventually became decent at catching local game, as well, to help feed his mother. Regardless, being poor as shit makes you prone to doing stupid things, and eventually Alinza fell in with the Sczarni, but not in a “I’m-now-a-thief-and-a-contributing-member-of-the-organization” type of way, but rather a “I’m-a-slut-and-will-sleep-with-people-for-money” type of way. When Setim was around 12 years old, his mother began whoring for the Sczarni. Setim was a pretty bright kid, so he caught on pretty quickly what was going on. He didn’t really like it, but knew it wasn’t his place to speak up, especially since his whore mother didn’t even like him that much. However, when he was close to 14 years old, he learned of a frequent customer that was getting free sex, using the threat of violence against his mother to make sure she didn’t say anything to the Sczarni. After weeks of visits and escalating violence, Setim had had enough, and stabbed the man in the back of the neck while he was beating on his adopted mother after another visit.

Of course, this action freaked the fuck out of poor Alinza, who was lying naked, with the dead man on top of her, covered in blood. Much screaming occurred, and the Sczarni pimp responsible for Alinza burst into the wagon. At first, he was pretty upset, especially when he found out Setim was the one responsible, but after Setim calmly explained why he did it, and that the corpse was responsible for stealing money from the Sczarni with Alinza’s full knowledge, an agreement was made. The dead man would disappear, no one would blame Setim, and Setim would work for the Sczarni.

Due to a fetchlings natural ability to blend into shadows, and using his innate spell-like ability to cast Disguise Self, a newly discovered talent that Setim used to great effect in a bout of sexual discovery with his mother’s large mirror and some imagination, Setim became an effective assassin. He could get into places unseen, or even walk past people looking like he belonged. His targets were never anyone of any real importance. Commoners who had cheated the Sczarni. A shop owner or vender or had denied protection money for the last time. With the traveling caravan, Setim was able to perform the deed and move on with the rest of his adopted family without anyone being the wiser. Course, doing this alienated Setim from Alinza, who stopped talking to him or acknowledging him, though she greedily accepted any coin Setim chose to give her to live on.

At the age of 16, while in Korvosa hitting up the bar scene, Setim overheard a young member of the Chelaxian aristocracy badmouthing Varisians while becoming physically abusive to some native Varisian girls working as barmaids. This infuriated Setim beyond anything he had ever experienced, including his first kill. He knew that many people looked down on Varisians, but this was his first exposure to someone vocalizing his dislike to such an extent. Setim lay in wait for the dickhole, and when he emerged from the bar, he jumped him, disguised as a large Shoanti man. Setim didn’t kill the noble, but did scar him badly in the face, knock out many of his teeth, and broke enough ribs that the man started coughing blood. The noble lived, but all the divination magic used to find the Shoanti man that beat the fuck out of him failed, for obvious reasons. Setim doesn’t feel remorse for this action, but is disappointed in himself for allowing himself to lose control like that.

Around this same time, Setim fell into deep self-pity for what his life was becoming. He hated killing people for a living. He hated the fact that he allowed himself to become this way, and that he didn’t seek a way out when he was a kid. He hated the fact that his first kill came so easy to him, and that he never felt bad for it, or considered other options. He eventually found himself worshiping Zon-Kuthon, drawn to the god’s portfolio of torture and the experiences Zon-Kuthon himself endured. Not exactly a kindred spirit, truth be told, but Setim was pretty fucked up in the head, living the way he was, and his sense of reality was distorted. Setim practices “cutting”, doing so on his thighs at night to hide the scars, in a sort of penance for his actions.

Setim has also had luck with many different Varisian women in the past. On multiple occasions he’s formed bonds with one lover or another, only to abandon them when things started getting serious. Again, Setim does this as a form of punishment, as he doesn’t believe he deserves happiness.

About a year ago, when Setim was around 20 years old, he managed to convince the Sczarni that he has paid off whatever debt he owed them, and made a clean break from them. They weren’t too happy, but the man they sent to bring Setim back into the fold, or else remove him from the picture entirely… was himself removed from the picture entirely. Setim has since learned of the blot hanging over Riddleport. He doesn’t know much about magic or portals or other planes, but he has convinced himself that this blot must be related to the Plane of Shadow, and he thinks if he can return to his own people, where he belongs, then he can start coming to terms with who he is and find a sense of identity. He has thus made arrangements with the traveling necromancer, Bithal, to acquire merchandise for Bithal in return for any information Bithal might discern about the blot itself.

Setim is a cynic, and can’t seem to pass up any opportunity to argue with someone being optimistic about the situation. Setim is always convinced he’ll skimp by a little worse for wear, but other people are likely to not be so lucky, which Setim is quick to point out.


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