He is plump, bald man, with plain parchment skin, who is very effeminate. He prefers wearing fine black silk clothing. He normally remains silent when in the company of other but when he speaks his voice is unexpectedly high and reedy.


He is bastard born whose mother was a peasant who died giving birth to him. His father was a local merchant who sold him to the priesthood of Gyronna when he was only a child for profit. He believes he is still alive but has not intention of finding him. He has one younger sister and two younger half siblings, a half-elf and a half-orc, who is has not seen sine he was sold.

The priesthood consists entirely of women but over time they have taken in young boys to aid them in service to the goddess. Due to the nature of the priesthood, Bithel was made an eunuch. He served the priesthood until he was a teenager when he was cast out into the streets for being too old. He turned to begging and thievery to survive but found that he had a talent for magic that he had picked up during his time in with the priesthood. A known necromancy in the city, spotted his talents and took him in as an assistant to help him with is research. After many years of service to the necromancer, his master mysteriously vanished one night during one of his experiments alone. Left alone, Blithe vowed to find what had happened to him. He collecting his masters notes and set out into the world to gain a better understanding of his necromancy powers.

He has spent the last few years collecting specimens and trying to recreate his masters experiment. This ofter leads him into trouble as sometime his methods of obtaining bodies is not always legal. During his travels his encounters Setim who is heading to Riddleport to investigate the which black hole. Bithel and Setim come to an agreement that Bithel will use his knowledge of magic to investigate the hole and Setim will aid him in “collecting bodies”.


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